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March 2022

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Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 146)

Video games have become a part of our lives. It used to be kids only who spent hours playing, but those kids have become parents and many of them continue to play. Faster internet and rapidly growing ... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Thinking of Heavenly Days

Thinking of the heavenly days … Days promised by the Prophets and dreamed of by the saints… Days testified by the truthful witnesses of the sun rising…Thinking of those days with full confidence in ... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Nilufer Demir

Forgiveness and Apoptosis

We are born with physical bodies, we live in these bodies, and eventually, we bid farewell to this world, leaving our bodies behind. Our bodies are entrusted to us, and we have to know how to safeguar... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Cemal Ozgur

When Gaming and Gambling Collide

Video games have exploded in popularity since their inception in the 1970s and are now a permanent part of the entertainment industry. The marriage of video games and the internet in the 1990s brought... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Esra Buyukcombak

Healing with Spices

Spices, generally used for seasoning foods, can also be used for killing microbes. As people opt for foods that are less processed—and may even contain no chemical additives—the protective value of sp... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Nazia Nazar

War and Peace in the Qur’an

One of the reasons for widespread Islamophobia is the wrong understanding of the Qur’an, Islam’s Holy Book. There is a general perception that the Qur’an contains references to war and violence, incit... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Naim Yilmaz


When someone has a headache, they take a pain reliever; usually, the pain soon goes away. If a child has a fever, its parents will give them an antipyretic to reduce the fever. How do these drugs work... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen


According to people of the heart, mujahada (striving) means doing what is required by having been endowed with will-power. It includes struggling against the car­nal soul and seeking ways to defeat it... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Leslie Freiberger

The Present

On my sixteenth birthday, my mother gave me a leather-bound journal with my name embossed in gold on the front cover. I stared blankly at the blank pages with pale pinstripe lines traveling end to end... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Hakan Oztunc

How Probable Is Your Being “You”?

Sometimes unexpected things happen to us in life. We encounter situations that have almost no place in probability calculations. It’s like when the evil Star Wars character Darth Vader declares to the... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Matt Alley

The “Powers” of Ignorance

As an instructor of statistics, I sometimes cannot help but explain the phenomena of the social sciences through mathematical expressions. This is especially true when there is almost complete corresp... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
Selim Yigit

Immigration and the Effect of Integration in Societies

In the United States, immigrants often face a crisis of identity that is familiar to many who live abroad. This crisis can be thought of as a struggle between the desire for cultural integration and t... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
The Fountain

Religion Is Ease

Question: It is stated that practicing religion is easy, but to many it doesn’t appear to be so. Can you please explain this apparent contradiction? Ease and difficulty are relative concepts. It diff... read more..

Issue 146 (Mar - Apr 2022)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 146)

Insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells generated from stem cells Balboa et al. Functional, metabolic and transcriptional maturation of human pancreatic islets derived from stem cells. Nature Biotech... read more..

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