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March 2020

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Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 134) - Preserving Our Health

The Coronavirus pandemic has swept the world in recent months and with it came a wave of panic, unease, and a need for courage. Humanity is collectively fighting for its health, a treasure that we som... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Facing Oneself-2

The Example of the First Circle around the Prophet and Those Who Followed Them  (continuing from the previous issue) Zayn al-Abidin (659-713), the son of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Husayn, was a de... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky

Find a Teacher for Yourself

As a rabbi and professor of rabbinic literature, I am naturally drawn to interpreting texts. The best moments are when these texts come alive and inform my life (inshallah). I have long been intrigued... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Cemal Ozgur

Powering Down the Brain

How excessive cell phone usage can cripple a child’s mental developmentThe scene of a quiet child tapping away at a phone or tablet with glee is an image that, by now, most people are familiar with. I... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Omer Yildiz

Sugar or Fat?

Diabetes is one of the most serious public health risks today. The United Nations declared diabetes as a global threat in 2007 in order to highlight just how widespread and destructive diabetes had be... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Mustafa Ridvan Donmez

Selfishness or Selflessness?

To attain happiness and to avoid mood disorders, which should we pursue The messages of modern society are all too familiar to us: buy more, eat more, sleep more, take more pictures, and care les read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Hakan Oztunc

Life Is a Function

We perceive several problems related to the functions in many situations in life and develop solutions accordingly. The function shows the effect of one (or more) variable(s) on another variable. In s... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Seyma Aslan

Mother of Orphans

- Hello grandma, how is everything? - Oh, my dear Seyma, is that you? Since you are calling all the way from America I will not waste much. I am doing well, take good care of yourself and never forge read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Verification (Tahqiq)

In the language of Sufism, tahqiq (verification) means that not only does an initiate who has almost come to the final step of the journey know the Unique, Eternally Besought One with His Existence an... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Daniel Skubik

Birds or Humanity?

There is often mixed joy and sorrow when traveling abroad, sometimes discovered in the journeying, sometimes found at the destination. Such a mixture was mine on a recent trip with Hizmet to India, wh... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Sinem Akbulak

Hand Hygiene: Wash hands against Corona, and to remove traces of the past

Our hands are vital for performing tasks throughout our daily lives and must be taken care of and cleaned regularly. They can easily spread germs, bacteria, or viruses such as Covid-19 (Coronavirus). ... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Rafiq Ebrahim

Subliminal Advertising: Hidden Conveyor of Messages

Advertising is an age-old concept of conveying the messages to the people. In prehistoric days, people used to write with chalk, which was available in plenty, in their own languages the messages they... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Sean Paquet

Trying to Understand the Reasons behind Violence

Violence. It surrounds us. It is all over the media. It is so common in our society today that violence has become the norm rather than the exception. Perhaps one out of every ten people in the United... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
Osman Demirel

Pauli Principle and the Manifestation of Unity in Particles

All human beings have similar organs, but each organ has qualities unique to itself and to the person it belongs to. Research has revealed that even some of the genes of monozygotic twins are differen... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
The Fountain


Question: Jihad is a significant concept in Islamic tradition, yet it is being misinterpreted and misrepresented in our times. What does it mean? What are the differences between “the lesser jihad” an... read more..

Issue 134 (Mar - Apr 2020)
The Fountain

Is Coronavirus (Covid-19) Made by Humans? (Science Square)

Andersen KG et al. The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2. Nature Medicine, March 2020.Cases of Covid-19 first emerged in December 2019, when a mysterious illness was reported in in the city of Wuhan, Chin... read more..

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