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July 2007

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 15 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Speech and Power of Expression

The most precious of values inherited from our ancestors, speech does not consist only of clarity of meaning, the sound of words, or the expression of certain intentions. It also gives voice to our read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Osman Cakmak

Writing with Atoms

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that the art and wisdom of small things are easier to make than those which are big in size. Said Nursi reveals how baseless such an assumption is with an exa... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Igor Sulgin

God, the Sun, and the Plant

Have you ever wondered why plants are green? K.A. Timiryazev, a prominent Russian scientist, answered this question first in 1888. In his book, The Sun, Life, and Chlorophyll, Timiryazev argued that g... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Kursat Oz

Rhetoric-An Eloquent Invention: Two Examples from the Present Time

Rhetoric is traditionally defined in literature as the “verbal art” of speaking and writing effectively. In our daily life people perceive a rhetorician as a skilled person who can convince an audienc... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Ayse K. Coskun

A Cry of Desperation Are We Listening?

27, black, living in South Africa, and HIV positive; this is no longer a shocking matter. It has become like getting flu, only deadlier. I never thought I’d make it. But one thing that kept me going w... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Taha Abdel Rahman

The Disconnection between Philosophy and Qur'anic Wisdom

Abstract, rational inquiry does not permit a combination between philosophy and religious wisdom1 and rules that such is impossible. Actual reality does not support such a combination either. Said Nur... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Seth Mette

A Saturday Unlike Others

Many of us either heard about or read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. The hero of the story sets out on a journey that will take him to several planets on which he meets people who are ... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Tafakkur (Reflection)

Tafakkur literally means to think on a subject deeply, systematically, and in great detail. In this context, it signifies reflection, which is the heart’s lamp, the soul’s food, the spirit of knowledg... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Esref Sami

A Tale of Design and Love

The value of the iron (or any other material) from which a work of art is made differs from the value of the art expressed in it. Sometimes they may have the same value, or the art’s worth may be far ... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Victor H. Earnest

The Aftermath of Love

How sad, how poor; we are eaten up by the chase. Hurtled all around, we sob and rustle As if we resemble winnowed leaves Since life path tramples our heart castle. Wondering the yonder of the shad... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
Salih Uslu

The Relationship between Physical Cleanliness and Moral Purity

Cleanliness is virtue shared by all people and societies. Physical cleanliness and moral purity are highly encouraged by religions, particularly before the commencement of religious ceremonies, sugges... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
S. Utku Ay

Camera Chips: Mimicking the Human Eye?

One day an optometrist was talking to his profoundly-blind patient about the possibility of an eye implant that would give him 16 (4x4) pixels of visual information. The patient then told the doctor “... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
The Fountain

Rethinking Islamic Philosophy and Theology

There are not many scholars interested in Islamic philosophy and theology in the West. Despite this fact, there has been an increasing interest in that area among young scholars. One of the factors be... read more..

Issue 59 (July - September 2007)
The Fountain

Questions and Answers

Question: Materialism, upon which Marxism is based, alleges that the idea of God was derived from the ignorance of ancient men and suggested that the existence of God is not scientifically provable. W... read more..

Issue 60 (October - December 2007)
The Fountain

Key to the Secret Codes

In all of existence the human being stands out with one major quality: free will. Together with many other superior qualities, like speech and intellect, humans were also blessed with this priceless c... read more..

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