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January 2004

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Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
M. Fethullah Gulen

A Brief Overview of Islam

The word 'Islam' literally stems from the root 's-l-m' and the words 'silm' and 'salamah' which mean peace, and which indicate the 'submission' or 'surrender' of oneself to God Almighty, being obedien... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Osman Cakmak

A World of Balance

We live in a cozy and dynamic home called the Earth, which moves through cold, dark space at a great speed. Everything we need can be found on this specially made spacecraft of ours. There is neither ... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Steven Krauss

Making Meaning with an Islamic Wordview

The role of meaning is of paramount importance in human life (Frankl, 1963). Human beings have a natural inclination to understand and make sense out of their lives and experiences. It is one of those... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Irfan Yilmaz

Listening to a Fly

"Surely, those whom you invoke, apart from God, will never create a fly even if they combine together for the purpose. If the fly takes something from them, they cannot rescue it from him."; (Qur'an read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Saban Sarsilmaz

Computers and Artificial Nervous Systems

Created with miraculous abilities, like intelligence, thought, and speaking, it is the human, apart from all other living things, that has invented much and enriched human civilization. The human brai... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Akif Uygur

A Bridge From Heart To Heart : Empathy

The environment of today is one equipped with high-tech means of communication, some of which are so complicated that we find them difficult to conceive; such a world causes the people of today to lea... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Alphonse Dougan

A Mathematician's View of Darwinian Evolution: How Natural Selection Fails to Design

The theory of evolution, originally based on the ideas of Darwin, proposes an explanation for life on earth. In this theory there is no place for an intelligent Designer. The sole mechanism of advanci... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Is the Creation of Evil Evil?

TWELFTH LETTER The creation of evil is in no way evil, it is the committing of evil that is evil. Man is endowed with free will and God enables man's willed actions. Therefore, it is man's willing an... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Ahmet Guc

Satanism and Youth's Quest For Identity

Briefly defined as the worship of Satan as if he were God, Satanism is the name given to a reaction that basically started in the 1880s in such countries as France, England, Germany, and especially in... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Suleyman Eris

The Concept of Prayer in Said Nursi's Works

One of the most famous Turkish Islamic scholars of the last century was Said Nursi. Nursi, who had a great influence on Turkish people, wrote over 50 books and spent most of his life behind bars. Toda... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Harun Avci

The Power of Perspective

Can be restructured and converted into occasions that might work in the favor both of the individual and of humanity. Most of the people who have had a significant positive influence on history and wh... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
The Fountain

Religion, Violence, and Reconciliation

Thomas Petriano, Ph.D, is the chairperson of the Religious Studies Department of St. Joseph's College in Patchogue, NY. He teaches comparative religions, as well as courses in Christian Studies. He ha... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Hikmet Isik

How should we react to the evil thoughts and desires?

Q: How should we react to the evil thoughts and desires whispered by Satan? A: Involuntary evil thoughts, fancies, or associations of ideas usually are the result of Satan's interference. Just as a b... read more..

Issue 45 (January - March 2004)
Michael Starzinski

Pearls of Wisdom

This book is a compilation of some of the wise sayings of M. Fethullah Gulen, each of which is a criterion or pearl of wisdom This work by M. Fethullah Gulen is a continuation of a long tradition of ... read more..

Issue 46 (April - June 2004)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 46

Can you imagine a baby, newly delivered and handed over to the mother, feeling hate and regret emanating from the mother? This would be an extremely rare, unnatural event, one that would only occur un... read more..

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