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October 1996

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 12 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Concept of Science

Flowing to the future like a rapid flood full of energy and vitality, and sometimes resembling a dazzling garden, the natural world is like a book offered to man to study, an exhibition to behold, and... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
N. Butt

Disciplining Obesity: A Healthy Life Style

  No religion commends self-indulgence;all religions, and all traditional ways of life inspired by religious principles, commend self-discipline, that is containing and limiting, rather than expandin... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
A. A. Ahmed

The Role Of The Teacher

This article deals with the role of the teacher in the learning process. Different views of the teacher The curriculum is a process. It is not a set of documents distributed win a central government... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
Ali Unal

The Quranic Approach To Science

In order to understand the relationship between Islam and science, the following analogy may be apposite:For an author to write a book, he should first have the knowledge of what he will write. That i... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
I. Y. Turgut

Emerging Viruses

Many of the deadliest and most feared diseases - from AIDS and influenza to smallpox and zoster (shingles) - as well as some of the most common have been viral. What causes viral emergence? Most new o... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
Suat Yildirim

Industrial Robots

1. Introduction The word ‘robot’ was first used in the 1922 play R.U.R. by the Czech playwright Karel Capek: the title is an acronym for Rossum’s Universal Robots which become so sophisticated that t read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
The Fountain

In The Bright Climate Of Beltez

Absence of belief is like absence of light, a dark night never relieved; it snares the unbeliever in a wild solitude, wretched in spirit, facing a stride away the blackness where all his ways come ... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
The Fountain

Reflections On The Existence Of The Creator

The heavens and earth and whatever is in and between them point in different tongues to the same fact, namely, the acts and operations of a Single Being. As astronomy testifies, every movement and for... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
F. A. Yavuz

Bediuzzaman And The Risale-i Nur (2)

In order to comprehend the quality and main characteristic of the Risale-i Nur, the following experience of Dr Turner of Durham University. U.K. is worth quoting at length. Dr Turner writes: As someo... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
J. Qureshi

Waking Up From Head To Foot

An old man sat up one morning in his bed as if about to get up in the usual way for work, but then stopped. He began staring at his feet which poked up from under the bed clothes. His wife called him ... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
M. Temiz

Effective Use Of Time

Human beings own, use and lose many things such as money, power and knowledge. But we can earn money again after losing it, lose and then regain power, forget some information and then re-learn it. Ti... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
M. Fethullah Gulen

How Can We Argue For The Existence Of The Spirit And Can We Know of It ?

The spirit and its Identity 1. Although sciences are not yet ready to accept it, there are, besides the subdivisions in a world - like the worlds of planets, animals and human beings (vegetable kingd... read more..

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