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July 1996

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Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
Y. Yilmaz

Gifted Children

Most parents greet the discovery that their child is gifted with a mixture of pride, excitement, and apprehension. Then, they may well seek expert help on how to cope with bringing up the child, only ... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
Ali Unal

The Qur'an And Established Scientific Facts

It is another argument for the Divine authorship of the Qur’an that it refers to certain facts of creation recently established by modern scientific methods. How, except on account of its Divine autho... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
T. E. Yildirim

The All American Way The Military And The Media

The 1991 Persian Gulf War provided a testing ground for many of the latest war machines. It also clearly demonstrated the use of the news media, particularly television, by the military: without quest... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
T. E. Yildirim

Paper / Plastic Rubbish And The Environment

Waste or rubbish has not always been the major nuisance in human societies that it is today, as Judd H. Alexander (1993, p. 1) observes in his book In Defense of Garbage: ‘When our earliest Stone Age ... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
The Fountain

Love And Separation

In the heart, love is a flame, in the sipirt a light. Grief of separation consumes the lover, and yet even in gloomiest hours, he never despairs of ‘spring’; journeying from desert to desert amid b... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
The Fountain

Reflections On The Existence Of The Creator

Every thing and every being in the universe prays in the language particular to itself, either of disposition and potential or neediness or helplessness. All seeds and fruit stones pray silently in th... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
Dr. Martin Cortazzi

Cross Cultural Communication: A Foreign Language Perspective

To be aware of issues in cross-cultural communication is becoming increasingly important. Any of us may travel or meet travellers. We may work with members of other cultural groups. We may learn a for... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
M. Fethullah Gulen

What Are The Characteristics of Angels, Jinn and Satans or Devils ?

The characteristics of angels As was explained before, angels are created from light. The ‘Arabic word’ for angel is ‘malak’. According to the root word from which it is derived, ‘malak’ means ‘messe... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
Dr. M. I. Shaikh

Ant Stitch

Recently, at the G-Mex Centre in Manchester UK, I attended the CLOTECH 96 exhibition. The organizers had gathered an entire textile world under one roof - everything was on display, from humble scisso... read more..

Issue 15 (July - September 1996)
F. A. Yavuz

Bediuzzaman And The Risale-i Nur (1)

In the many dimensions of his lifetime of achievement, as well as in his personality and character, Bediuzzaman was and, through his continuing influence, still is an important figure in the twentieth... read more..

Issue 16 (October - December 1996)
M. Fethullah Gulen

For The Conquest And Dominion Of The Hearts

Over the last few centuries mankind have suffered hardships after hardships, travelling around pits of ‘death’. Their struggles for deliverance and relief have all resulted in new calamities. During t... read more..

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