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April 1993

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Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
M. Fethullah Gulen


We are on the threshold of great and far-reaching changes. The community is writhing in the birth-pangs of the new time that is approaching. It is no wonder that the people are fearful, anxious, somet... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
M. A. Sayar

Is technology a common heritage of all mankind?

INTRODUCTION Technology can be referred to as the systematic knowledge for manufacture of a product, for the application of a process or for the interpretation of a service and the capacity to use su... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
M. Sabih

Individualism and Solitude

Many of the fundamental doctrines and attributes of Western civilization are a mixture of Greek-Roman values and a distorted Christianity. They are ultimately derived from ancient, pagan myths, one of... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Dr. R. Ileri

Water and Vitality

Water is a common liquid which forms rain, river, sea etc. and which constitutes a large part of the mass of all organic bodies. Water is essential to plant and animal life. Since the human body consi... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
I. Bal

The end of Russian genocide

Relations between Turks and Russians can be understood in three stages: Turkic-Muslim hegemony, the period of Russian hegemony and the present.Slavs and Turks first met on the plains of Eastern Europe... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Dr. I. Yilmaz

Biology and Religion

Today, as the prestige of materialism and atheism declines, more and more scientists believe that religion is so essential it cannot be abandoned. Mankind will not be able to achieve happiness without... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Peter J. Alister

Birds and aeroplanes

Flying techniques depend on the principles of aerodynamics. Reducing air pressure and friction against body and wings requires perfect aerodynamic structure. Many years ago scientists found that rain ... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Muhammed Cetin

Profound compassion

To consider the good, the welfare and happiness of others and to prefer them above one’s own, to feel compassion for their misfortunes as if they were one’s own, to take on the responsibility for the ... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
O. Ergi

From the Blue to the Red Planet

A question that must at some time cross the mind of every intelligent human being, does this tiny planet (earth) in the solar system - which is a dot in the galaxy itself - contain the only life form ... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Fethullah Gülen

Rise Up, O Valiant One

Rise up, valiant one, stop sleeping! Rise up, because my heart is lamenting… During the days having passed without you, I went back over the yesterdays, Grieving all the while, and saddened Since... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Containing five comments with respect to man's happiness and misery

Man is created on the best pattern of creation and has been given a comprehensive disposition. Therefore he has been sent to an arena of trial where he will either ascend or descend to a station which... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
K. Aydin

Travel writers and their oriental women

After the period of the Crusades, a more direct and close encounter took place in the 19th century when, for political, economic and cultural reasons, the West invaded the East. In the 19th century, p... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
K. Baslar

The stewardship ethic: A feasible solution for ecological crises

The reason that new and modified legislation to protect the environment fails to deal with the increasing number of global environmental crises is that legislation alone cannot address the root of wha... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
M. F. Sahin

The reasons behind the several marriages of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace

Some critics of Islam, either because they are not aware of the facts about the marriages of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, or because they are not honest and objective about those facts, ha... read more..

Issue 2 (April - June 1993)
Dr. S. E. Konuk

A compassionate subtlety in nature

The idea that plants produce some animal hormones sounds like science-fiction, especially when you consider how different the hormone system is in plants and animals. Animals produce hormones in spec... read more..

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